Teri Moïse

Teri Moïse

Teri Moïse (born March 25, 1970, Los Angeles, California – died May 7, 2013, Madrid, Spain) was a Haitian-American French singer.

Moïse is an American of Haitian descent. Her parents emigrated Haiti to South Central, Los Angeles. After high school she studied economics at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1990 she went to France, where she studied Literature in the Sorbonne and worked as an au pair after going back to California to study in the Los Angeles Musician Institute. She went to Paris later to work as a choir singer until she could record her first album in 1995, released in 1996. Her first album and its two singles Les poèmes de Michelle and “Je serai là were among the most influential French RnB releases of the 1990s.

Moïse committed suicide on May 7, 2013.

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