Skylar Spence

Skylar Spence

Skylar Spence, formerly known as Saint Pepsi, is the electronic music project of American musician, producer and vocalist Ryan DeRobertis.

The project began in December 2012 and as Saint Pepsi, he released his debut album Hit Vibes in May 2013.

Stereogum named him their “band to watch” in July 2013, and called the music “addicting and fun.” Pitchfork praised the release of “Mr. Wonderful,” the lead track off the 2014 EP Gin City, which was hosted on the music blog Gorilla vs. Bear. In February, Gorilla vs. Bear also hosted the premiere of the track “Baby.”

In June 2014, Saint Pepsi went on tour with Painted Palms, after signing to Carpark Records, whose roster includes such artists as Beach House, Cloud Nothings, Toro y Moi, and Memory Tapes.

Before beginning his career in music, Saint Pepsi attended Boston College.


Saint Pepsi has been described as “vaporwave“, “disco pop”, “future pop“, “liquid disco”, “slow jam“, and “gibber boogie”, though the project crosses borders between traditional music genres. The millennial often incorporates unorthodox sounds in his music, using sources such as Mario Kart 64. He often samples pop songs and The Fader calls his nonchalant approach to Top 40 hits “refreshing,” and calls his music “restless and nostalgic and sonically curious.” DeRobertis is quoted as saying, “I’m drawn to tuneful melodies; complex chord structures; outlandish synths and drums; and I like to take pop a capellas and see how I can warp the songs while keeping the melodies almost entirely intact…I want to make pop music for freaks, basically.”

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