Jo Mango

Jo Mango

Jo Mango is an innovative folk-influenced singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland.

Jo Mango has been on an extraordinary journey since the release of her debut album Paperclips and Sand in 2006. Not only has she traversed the world as a touring member of Vashti Bunyan’s band, she has also patiently honed her songwriting and performing craft across a series of collaborations with David Byrne (Carnegie Hall, NY 2007), Devendra Banhart, Teenage Fanclub (Baby Lee), Roddy Woomble and Admiral Fallow (Beetle in the Box) amongst others.

For her sophomore album The Moth and The Moon, Jo has drawn upon incredible experiences from this period of exploration and adventure to assemble a thematically rich and startlingly mature collection of songs. As a lyricist Jo displays the kind of range more often attributed to an accomplished short story writer, equally assured when following the flight patterns of starlings on ‘Black Sun’ as she is asking difficult questions in the aftermath of a stabbing in ‘Kingdom’. Yet, despite the depth of her subject matter, Jo’s music is filled with light; light that comes from her extraordinary ability to paint vivid and enquiring images of the natural world with a voice as delicate and complex as the myriad environments it describes.

Adem (whom she first met as they prepared to play at David Byrne’s ‘Welcome to Dreamland’ show at the Carnegie Hall) produced and engineered the lion’s share of the album, and has collaborated with Jo to fashion music that is similarly interwoven with fine and considered detail. Take for example the unearthly submerged sound of the beaten musical saw on ‘The Freedom of Sea Monsters’. This beguiling mix is what sets Jo apart in a crowded field of folk-influenced singer-songwriters. These days it can often feel that albums are born in an instant and consumed twice as quickly. The Moth & The Moon is one of those rare records that places a gentle but insistent demand on the listener to stop and consider.

Rooted in lived experience ranging from the everyday to the startling, Jo’s songs allow us to marvel at the heart-stopping beauty of the world whilst maintaining an awareness of the fragility of being alive.

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