Blackgirls was a dark art-folk trio from North Carolina featuring Dana Kletter, Eugenia Lee Johnson and Hollis Brown.

The band performed for several years and released a single as part of the Evil I Do Not To Nod I Live boxset with four other North Carolina bands (including the early bands of Superchunk guitarist and Merge Records mastermind Mac McCaughan), and a five song EP, Speechless. In his Spin magazine review of Speechless, Tony Fletcher noted, “…hints of absolute greatness within, most noticeably on “Queen Anne,” a ballad in which Dana Kletter’s vocals lean towards the sultry peaks of Nico and Marianne Faithfull…”

The band came to the attention of American auteur producer Joe Boyd (Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, Fairport Convention, Pink Floyd, REM). Boyd signed blackgirls to his European-based Hannibal Records label and Mammoth Records of Chapel Hill, North Carolina became their American label.

Boyd produced two full-length blackgirls LPs, Procedure in 1989 and Happy in 1991. The records were a critical success and the band toured regularly and performed on NPR’s Mountain Stage, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.

However internal problems caused the group to disband in 1992.

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